you're on the homepage of the hub for all of my artistic endeavors. i'm building this site as a means to freshen up my art gallery as well as to archive all of my publicly available work in one definitive place, without the pressure of making it into a professional portfolio.

a large portion of my artwork will feature lesbians, non-binary, and queer people of color. in the past, i've attempted to hide my interest in depicting my identity in the art i produce both out of self-consciousness and for fear of being alienated in any of the industries i aimed to work in. i now find it important that i display these for others to see and for my own sake. it's my belief that queer art is paramount for the community as a whole. i can only hope that my work will be considered empathetically and kindly.

and hey, if you look what i do, maybe consider sliding me a couple bucks via my ko-fi to (in a small but greatly appreciated way) help me pay rent and buy food.