.: jaya's commission info :.

STATUS: COMMISSIONS WILL BE RE-OPENED SOON!; 13/19 completed in current queue

welcome! you've reached the landing page for my commission info, temporarily housed on my still in-construction website. please, before anything else, read my terms of service in its entirety before deciding what tier of commission you'd like and before inquiring. thank you!

  1. MY COMMISSIONS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY! This means absolutely no putting it on merchandise, reselling it, using it to advertise your business, product, etc., using it for any blockchain-related technology (including, but not limited to, NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions the space).

  2. Please only inquire if you intend on keeping steady contact with me.

  3. If you intend on changing your username at any point while on the waitlist, while communicating, or while the commission is being made, I ask that you please notify me.

  4. These are commissions - NOT freelance work - therefore I do not work towards hard deadlines. Please be patient, as I am a student with obligations to other things. The less rushed I am in completing your commission, the better the result will be.

  5. VISUAL REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED. I will not accept any commissions from clients who merely a provide a written description or a disjointed collection of references. Occasional exceptions can be made but for a higher price, as these take longer to complete. Please provide explicit, concrete reference photos. Please have these ready before inquiring.

  6. All prices listed are simply base prices for the tiers. As we further discuss exactly what the commission will entail, additional fees for props, proposed backgrounds, complex poses, etc. may be applied, particularly for the higher-priced tiers.

  7. Base prices are also for singular characters; for additional characters, the price may be multiplied for as many characters.

  8. Payment via PayPal invoice only. This means that I will need to send you an invoice through PayPal with the amount to be paid. I cannot accept payment any other way. Additionally, due to PayPal's fees, tax will be applied to all commissioned works.

  9. Work starts only once payment has been recieved. Higher-tiered works may be paid in halves before and after, if the commissioner so wishes.


  11. Commissioners may post their finished commission to social media with credit if they so choose.

  12. Progress shots will be shared with the commissioner throughout the process to gain input.

  13. I reserve the right to refuse any request.

The subjects that I am willing to draw include but are not limited to:
  • humans
  • anthropomorphic animals (bipedal and quadrupedal)
  • original characters
  • fanart
  • couples
  • suggestive situations

The subjects that I will NOT draw include but are not limited to (note: exceptions can occasionally be made):
  • NSFW/pornography (to be negotiated)
  • excessive gore
  • machinery
  • complex backgrounds (to be negotiated)
  • hateful imagery

Once you've read this and looked over the prices, please either contact me through my Twitter DMs, (@ghostlysleuth) or by shooting me an email!